Most of us will get in at least one auto accident during our lifetimes. Sometimes the experience runs smoothly. However, the more common experience is one of frustration. Your actions immediately following the accident will influence how your claim is handled and ultimately resolved. At the scene of an accident, most of the people involved are in shock and may not be thinking clearly. Though not usually admissible in court, do not make expressing fault or that you were not injured. In my own car wreck, I claimed that I was fine, even though I needed twelve stitches across my forehead and woke the next morning unable to move my head for over a month.

At the scene of the accident: Get as much information as possible:

-Contact information from all the other drivers
-Title and insurance information from all the vehicles involved
-Name and contact information from all the witnesses
-Take pictures of the vehicles involved and the accident scene

What is the condition of your vehicle after the wreck?
Is it drivable?
Does your vehicle have to be towed?
There are storage lots that charge up to fifty ($50) dollars a day to store your vehicle.

Call (214)357-1782 at the scene of the accident; the attorney can contact a body shop that will give you a fair rate and quality work. If your vehicle is totaled, take your personal items at the scene of the accident. If it is not possible, do it as soon as you can.

Even if you’re not taken to the hospital, you may have injuries that require medical attention. Your attorney can assist you in finding the right clinic. You will need a clinic that will provide proper care without over charging or providing services that you don’t need. Make sure to get a medical exam as soon as possible. Even if you only feel sore, some injuries manifest as soreness, and then get worse as time goes on.

Contact your insurance company to report the claim. However, do not contact the other driver’s insurance company. Never give the other driver’s insurance company a statement or sign any paperwork without the attorney.

If you follow these simple but essential steps, you will avoid many of the pitfalls that people encounter after an accident. At the Morris Law Firm we can assist you through the whole process. Call us at (214)357-1782 Immediately, we are located in Dallas, but can serve clients throughout the state.



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