Historical Background: In 1991, the State of Texas changed how workers’ compensation claims were handled. One of the main changes was to separate medical and indemnity (money) benefits. Insurance carriers argued that injured workers could receive prompter and higher quality care if the attorneys were removed from assisting in medical decisions. The State did away with the Industrial Accident Board and created the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission. On September 1, 2005, Texas passed House Bill 7, which abolished the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission and Created the Division of Workers’ Compensation, under the Texas Department of Insurance. The changes resulted from insurance carriers complaints that injured workers had too much control over their medical care and the insurance companies needed to have more control over the injured workers’ medical treatment. The changes included replacing the panel of six commissioners (which came from the various sides of a claim), with one director, appointed by the governor; allowing closed networks of doctors selected by the insurance carriers; and adopting the ODG medical treatment guidelines.

Current Status: Many of the great doctors in our state are no longer willing to treat workers’ compensation patients. The restrictions and red tape that doctors must go through to provide care for their patients has driven many Texas doctors from the system. Just ask your family doctor if he/she is willing to treat a work related injury. In is more important than ever to select a doctor that has your interest. Do not let your adjuster or employer select were you are to receive care. One of the most important things an attorney can do for their client is to assist them in selecting doctor that is not only able to give their patients great care, but has the experience to cut through the red tape created by the insurance companies.

Selecting the Right Doctor: At the Morris Law Firm, we pride ourselves on working experienced and top quality medical providers. Injured workers may attempt handle the legal portion of their claim without professional assistance. But, very few people can provide their own medical treatment.

Allow us to assist you in selecting a doctor that will provide you the best care and assist you to heal properly. Whether you have just been injured, you’ve just figured out that the doctor your seeing is putting the insurance companies interest before yours or you have a chronic injury and don’t feel that your getting better. At the Morris Law Firm, we will help you to find the best doctor, if you’re our client or not. We are located in Dallas. But, we have contact with medical providers throughout the state.

Just call (214)357-1782 or email us at info@themorrisfirm.net for assistance.



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