Historical Background: In 1991, the State of Texas changed the way compensation claims by workers were handled. One of the major changes was to separate the medical benefits and compensation (monetary). Insurance companies, argued that injured workers could receive a faster and higher quality care if prevented lawyers provide assistance in medical decision making. The state eliminated the Industrial Accident Board and established the Commission on Workers’ Compensation Texas. On September 1, 2005, Texas adopted the Bill 7, which abolished the Commission on Workers ‘Compensation in Texas and created the Division of Workers’ Compensation, under the Texas Department of Insurance. The changes were due to insurance companies argued that injured workers had too much control over their health care and insurance companies needed to have more control over the medical treatment of those injured workers. The changes included the replacement of the panel of six commissioners (who came from different parts of the claim), by a director appointed by the Governor; which allowed to have closed networks selected by health insurance companies; ODG guidelines and take medical treatment.


Current Status: Many of the most prestigious doctors in our state are no longer willing to provide treatment to those workers with workers’ compensation. The restrictions and red tape that doctors must face to meet their patients have isolated many medical system in Texas. Just ask your doctor if he / she is willing to try a work injury. Selecting a physician who share your interests, it has become more important than ever. Do not let your employer or employer where you choose. Receive medical attention. One of the most important things a lawyer can do for your customer’s help in choosing a doctor who is not only able to provide excellent care for their patients, but also have the experience to cope with the bureaucracy created by companies insurance.

Choosing the right doctor: In the law firm Morris, we pride ourselves on working experienced medical providers of high quality. Injured workers may try to handle the legal part of your claim without professional help. But very few people can be provided their own medical treatment. Let us help in choosing a doctor to provide both the best and the best service to help recover properly. If you have suffered an injury, if you discover that your doctor gives priority to the interests of the insurance company on your own or if you have a chronic injury and feels no improvement. At the law firm Morris, will help you find the best doctor, whether or not you are our customer. We are located in Dallas. But we have contact with health care providers statewide.


For help simply call (214)357-1782 or email us at info@themorrisfirm.net.



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